Arisu Sushi & BBQ Where we all start

Arisu was established in 2010, who have made Ireland their home. Within two years, due to increasing popularity, Arisu had extended its premises to over twice it original size. Arisu is the first authentic traditional BBQ and Sushi Restaurant in Ireland – this is the result of 15 years culinary experience in their homeland. Their aim is to bring a taste of Korea to Ireland and for this reason they sourced their most of the funrniture from korea.

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On entering Arisu one is shown to a table and served some complimentary dishes of kimchi, marinated seaweed and miso soup. The competitively priced menu offers a variety of meals to cover all tastes from our “hot” spicy Zampong to the world famous Bulgoggi. The restaurant is famous?for it’s BBQ and Sushi menu and client feedback suggests that a sit down BBQ is a unique, worthwhile and entertaining eating experience. Why not try it yourself.